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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  November 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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plus, beyond games and vintage digital pictures, smartphone apps that are saving lives. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. today friends and family say good-bye to a former football stay police say was murdered by two men on a crime spree in san jose. also today, we learn police have arrested the second person wanted in connection with that rampage. for a week, that person has been just this anonymous sketch. now he's a real living breathing suspect. but we can't tell you his name or show you his face. as anne makovec reports, the suspect is only 15 years old. >> reporter: 22-year-old rory park-pettiford, a former football player, and aspiring hip-hop artist, was remembered at a memorial service in campbell. >> he was a great kid, practical jocker. >> reporter: but many friends
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couldn't speak of him without breaking down, because they can't help but remember how he was killed, during a robbery attempt one week and one day ago. this is a surveillance photo of two robbers who police say tried to carjack park-pettiford in his car, then shot him when he tried to drive away. that's after a violent crime spree that started with four armed robberies within an hour on friday, november 16. this is how it ended for one suspect. 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks, captured after run nothing a family's home later that night. the second and final suspect, a teenager, was caught last night after a week on the run. >> we're just happy that he's in custody now and, again, the community can rest at ease knowing he's behind bars. >> reporter: this is the sketch police used to help track him down. they're not releasing his name because he's only 15. he had been hiding in a home in concord. >> i hope he's tried as an adult. >> reporter: in addition to
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murdering park-pettiford, police say the man opened fire on an officer whole he sat in this patrol car. the stick marks the path of the bullets. you can see how the bullet punctured the pepper spray canister, causing it to explode. wilbanks was arraigned last week. the 15-year-old was booked in juvenile hall last night. >> i hope he's in jail for the rest of his life. he'd deserve it. >> reporter: in san jose, anne makovec, cbs 5. another lethal weekend is unfolding in the streets of oakland. shootings have left two dead and at least seven wounded in just the past 24 hours. this morning, an 18-year-old mother was found shot to death in her home. this afternoon, a 19-year-old man was shot to death on san pablo avenue. no arrests have been made in any of these cases. an unofficial count puts
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oakland's homicide total at 113. that would be one more than all of last year. two san jose police officers were injured trying to break up a massive house party last night. police responded to reports of shots fired in the 3,000 block of patt avenue shortly before 11:00. officers they when they arrived, people started throwing bottles at them. >> officers continued to get bottles thrown and objects. the second officer was injured trying to take suspects into custody. >> it took about 60 officers to break up the brawl. 42 people were arrested. well, the chp is now confirming a second sister has died in the crash with a patrol vehicle in palo alto. the father was driving his wife and four daughters in their suv when he ran into the back of the cruiser, which was pulled over on the right-hand side of highway 101. the two sisters who died were thrown in the suv. the san bruno family had just
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spent the night doing black friday shopping at the gilroy outlets and the items purchased were for one of the sisters' weddings in india. several big retailers opened on thanksgiving night. consumers spent 11.2 billion at stores across the u.s. yesterday, and that's down 2% from last year. of course, black friday is centered largely around the nation's big businesses. >> we got the champion, small business. small businesses. >> governor romney talks about small businesses, small businesses, small businesses. >> we hear a lot about small businesses, especially during presidential campaigns. and today, president obama did his part by hitting an independent bookstore in virginia. the truth is, though, small businesses need a lot more attention than just one day a year, but on this day, the mom-
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and-pop stores will take all the attention they can get. here's more on the big small saturday. >> reporter: if things went as well this year for many small businesses as they did last year, well, then, small businesses did okay. of course, that's the idea between small business saturday. between black friday which this year got a head start with thanksgiving sales and before cyber monday comes still another campaign. small business saturday. why? >> it means a lot, because these days we get lost in the shuffle to some degree, especially with the online presence and so on. >> reporter: generally small businesses can't complete with big business discounts. there are other good reasons to shop at a small business. >> people will come into a small store, usually operated be i the owner or people very close to the business, so we'll handle each customer as if it's our only customer. >> reporter: last year, about
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100 million shoppers turned out on small business saturday. this shopper says just being small makes it a better experience for her. >> it's much nicer and relaxed today. >> reporter: mayor jean quan encouraged oaklanders to buy locally. she claims buying online may leave nothing in the community. advice seconded by this man, who says the economy has been tough on small businesses. >> so anything we can do to help bring attention to our cause is that much better. >> reporter: there's one more big marketing day. it's cyber monday. that's the day after tomorrow. and one firm is predicting that on that day alone, internet buying will total $2 billion. reporting live in walnut creek, don knapp, cbs 5. in egypt
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today, a prominent opposition leader accused president morsi of giving himself the powers of a pharaoh. they called the expansion of his powers an unprecedented attack on judicial independence. >> reporter: the protests continued today in egypt, though they were much smaller than yesterday. egyptians who believe that president mohammed morsi has made a brazen power grab clashed with authorities. but many supported president morsi's expanded role. the spokesperson says it's temporary and not democrat because mr. morsi won 52% of the vote in the presidential election. >> it's everywhere. democracy is, of course --
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after the election, it's over. they would all have to wait for years for the one who is elected to president till he proves whether he will succeed for not. >> reporter: but no american president has ever controlled the legislative and executive blanches of government, then made himself immune to judicial oversight. it's that consolidation of power that makes some egyptians not only angry but fearful. dr. habb led protests during the egyptian revolution last year that toppled the country's long-time dictator hosni mubarak. now he feels betrayed. >> he has sworn to respect the constitution. >> reporter: they are planning more protests next week. if they, again, turn violent, that's worrying, because for decades, egypt has been a
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pillar of stabbability here in the middle east. but now that the country has been through a democrat election, egypt is riddled with differences. investigators in the west bank are getting ready to open the tome of yasser arafat. this may be the last chance to rule out or confirm poisoning as the cause of his death. arafat's personal belongings were found to have significant amounts of radiation. he could very well be dead. >> whatever decision, every second counts. it's nice to have a little help. the new generation of phone apps that are saving lives. now he's using oil money to support you. >> vintage j.r., scheming and
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drinking, but his unique final wish didn't involve bourbon or scotch. and we have had a lovely holiday weekend. so far, plenty of sunshine. and as you can see, we've got fog now moving in tonight and in the overnight hours. we've got big changes, straight ahead. we'll tell you all about it, coming up. ,,
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night - you saw this rescue live. a man - stuck completely, horizontally, basically belly down, feet down. >> if you watched this newscast last night, you saw this rescue live. a man stuck seven feet below ground in a drainage pipe behind the best buy store in pinole. it took three hours but he eventually was pulled to safety. the man told rescuers that he is homeless and he used the basin to stay warm. when a medical emergency strikes, every second counts. that's where your smartphone can phone can come in handy. >> i'm convinced he would have died. >> reporter: melissa says an app on her iphone helped to save her husband's life. one day bob said his right arm
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felt numb. melissa typed his symptoms into an app called i--triage. the app not only warned of a possible stroke, it advised going straight to the emergency room and then gave directions to the closest one. bob was having a stroke. and doctors stopped it before he suffered major brain damage. >> have you thought about what might have happened if you didn't move? >> i would have gone, fine, take a nap, i'll check on you in a few hours, and he could very well be dead. >> reporter: i-triage was the brain child of developers. the app has a list of doctors and clinics compiled by medicare and other federal records. this marriage of smartphones, public information and private ingenuity has helped drive an exploding app economy that's grown in value from zero to $20 billion in just four years.
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the man responsible for giving away what the government knows is the u.s. chief technology officer todd park. >> this is a massively growing array of new services, products and applications that can help americans take control of their own health and health care. >> you don't need a master's degree to be able to use an app. >> reporter: to melissa, the benefits of this handheld information industry became clear on this afternoon. >> the producers of the "dallas" tv series revival say they'll give j.r. ewing a proper send-off. larry hagman died yesterday. he had filmed several episodes already of season two. it was in the 1980's that he created his legendary character. >> i don't understand why you
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think she's changed. hey! wait! stop! >> hagman shared few streets with his nasty alter ego. he was a heavy drinker and had a liver transplant after his drinking destroyed his liver. he gave it up and later gave up smoking when he was diagnosed with cancer. hagman told the new york sometimes that he wanted his remains to be, quote, spread over a field and have marijuana and wheat planted and harvested in a couple of years and then have a big marijuana cake for 200 to 300 people. then people would eat a little of larry. in his own words. and larry hagman was 81. all right. it's hard to top that. come on. you can do it. >> let's talk weather. let's make a complete transition over. hopefully you're getting outside. it's gorgeous weather so far
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and looks like it's going to be that way again tomorrow. temperatures, a little on the chilly side. we've also got fog creeping in along the coast. right now 47 degrees. out in livermore, san francisco coming in in the low 50's. we are going to see some areas of coastal fog. a few low 50's out there as well. tomorrow, it will be kind of a similar story. maybe temperatures will be a couple of degrees cooler than what we saw today. kind of a mix of sun and clouds and a whole lot of 60's, maybe barely squeezing out a 70- degree reading. but it's gonna stay dry, so it's gonna be a pretty nice travel day. high pressure remains the name of the game. which can kind of see it in futurecast, sunday, monday, tuesday. that's when a few clouds roll in. and then late tuesday, overnight into wednesday morning, that's when we get a good dose of at least moderate rain. we'll talk about that in a minute. in the meantime, your pinpoint
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forecast, lows overnight 40's to low 50's. and once again, tomorrow we're seeing a lot of 60's's around the bay area. 69 in santa rosa. mid 60's in vallejo. 66 if you're out in fremont. once again, doing any traveling storm, at sfo, partly cloudy. no reason for any major travel delays. looks pretty good across the country, checking some airports. plenty of sunshine in denver. and chicago, new york city going to be a little on the cool side, but seeing partly cloudy skies there. around northern california, if you're hitting the road tomorrow, gonna see some fog in the central valley, sacramento, fresno. plenty of sunshine out in yosemite, lake tahoe. here's a look at your forecast. over the next several days, sunday, monday, tuesday, going to be pretty much holding steady temperature-wise and once again staying dry. wednesday we will see at least
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moderate rain. we could see half an inch to two inches. thursday looks like we're going to get a brief dry break, probably our dryest day at the end of the workweek. friday and saturday we actually get an event more significant storm system that hits the bay area. so yes, the end of november looks likes it's going to be a pretty wet one for at least the last half of the workweek into next weekend. >> and stanford hosts ucla on friday, and it's going to rain? >> yes. looks like friday and saturday, we'll get a good amount of rain, a couple more inches friday and saturday too. >> they'll take it if they get to play. hey, kim's got today's sports. just hand the ball to stepfan taylor. that's all you have to do. the bcs picture just got a lot clearer. sports is next. ,,,,
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irony? stanford needed to wn the rose bowl this afternooo have a chance to get back te rose bowl on new how is this for irony? stanford needed to win in the rose bowl this afternoon to have a chance to get back to the rose bowl on new year's day. kevin hogan under center for his third straight start. a 75-yard opening drive. the 11-yard touchdown pass to drew. up 14-7 in the second. stepfan taylor finds the hole and he's gone. a 49-yard touchdown for taylor. stanford up at the half. in the third quarter, the cardinals steel the victory in a -- steal the victory. 142 yards and two scores for taylor. he's 36 shy of the all-time
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stanford rushing record. on the ensuing kickoff, alex debniak pops the ball loose. usua amanam picks up the loose ball and runs it in for another stanford touchdown to make it 35-10. a tough night for bruins quarterback brett hundley. he was sacked six times. chase thomas, he had two. stanford wins 35-17. the two teams will meet in the pac 12 championship game. the winner is rose bowl bound. no. 1 notre dame looking to punch their ticket to the championships. a 9-yard touchdown run. 146 yards for riddick. 10-0, irish, after one. injured matt barkley could only watch. the trojans had first and goal for one. tiffen decides to go for it.
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incomplete. nice goal line. the fighting irish are going to the bcs championship game. 22-13 is the final. iron bowl. alabama quarterback a.j. had himself quite a day against auburn. mccarron had four touchdown passes on the afternoon. no. 2 alabama rolls auburn 49-0. the tide will now play georgia in the sec championship game. san jose state took the national television spotlight for the second straight week, only fitting as the spartans were looking for their first ten-win season since 1987. david bails is called a young eli manning. 17-6, spartans. louisiana tech showed why they lead the nation in points per game. the 52-yard touchdown and the
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bulldogs take a three-point lead into the half. trailing by six in the third, san jose state goes back on top. what a night for eskeridge. now the spartans are clinging to a two-point lead. 26 yards. bales, over 300 yards and three touchdowns. win no. 10 for san jose state. they win 52-43. still to come, we have an andrew bogut update. and from oracle, what could be the dump of the year. more sports, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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early as next saturday... kevin love and the t-wolvesn town.... late in the first, andris biedrins and draymond green go good news for warriors fans. andrew bogut will rejoin the team as early as saturday. they go for the same ball, tip it into their own basket. here's another strange play. david lee is fouled. he throws up the trick shot and it goes. too bad you don't have to play him. they finish the night with 17. second quarter, here's the dunk of the year so far. harrison barnes, incredible flush by the rookie. second half, warriors trailing
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by four. kevin love doesn't just grab rebounds, he also shoots threes. the warriors trailed by four going into the final quarter but they made the run. curry with a great setup again for barnes. the warriors outscored minnesota 26-11 in the fourth. curry had five threes on the night and the warriors win it 96-85. they are two games over 500 at 8-and-6. college basketball, stanford loses in the bahamas. a little bonus football for you tonight. things were a little spiffy in columbus. buckeyes up three just before the half until robinson hits the hole. two buckeye defenders bounce off him and robinson is gone. a 67 yard touchdown. the wolverines take a 21-17
11:29 pm
lead. ohio state would regain the lead when c.j. barnett picks off devin gardener. the buckeyes win 26-21. remember, ohio state is on probation and not bowl- eligible. they still, however, have an outside shot to finish no. 1 in the rankings. be sure to join us for the raiders and bengals tomorrow here at 5. ann, i know you've had this one marked out on your calendar, with carson palmer heading back to his former team in the bengals. >> you knew it. we'll be right back. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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hotel has unveiled this mase gingerbread ho day by day, more signs of season. here's this massive ginger bread house. a thousand pounds of icing and 650 pounds of candy. and another holiday tradition, the boy scouts christmas tree lot in piedmont, it began in the mid 60's. it's at coach's field and proceeds from the tree sales are used to support scouting programs. if you're going to get a tree this week, you might want to get it sooner than later. >> it's going to get wet midweek. by wednesday, we're going to see a good dumping of rain across much of the bay area. we're going to stay dry, though. thursday, friday, saturday,
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it's going to be a wet last half of our week. >> and as we were talking, just in time for stanford to host ucla. all right. we'll see you tomorrow night at 5:30. good night! ,,,,,,,,,,
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